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French artists Tiphaine Bonnaud and Sylvain Van de Sype meat in their early twenties while studying fine arts. Tiphaine graduated from La Cambre with a degree in fashion design. Sylvain graduated from l’ESAT with a degree in architecture and later studied photography at the Beaux-Arts of Brussels.

Though both raised in Orleans, France, their identities surpass geographic lines. After leaving their hometown, they have gone on to live in Brussels, Paris, and New York. Following their thirsts for exploration, discovery, and understanding, they later embarked on a two-year odyssey around the world.

The journey was impactful and transformative, significant in informing and clarifying their world views, inner values, and identities. Upon their return to New York, they moved into their art studio in Brooklyn, and then 2 years later they now live in Marseille from where hey work and travel. They naturally reconnected with their artistic instincts, their work draws from a wide range of influences between their backgrounds, professions, and travels. They link disparate times, spaces, and people into an alternate poetic reality.

For them, artistic expression is a necessity, a necessity to imagine, to conjure experiences, to create concepts. Their aesthetics have always been in flux because their jobs were and are related to applied arts, fashion and architecture.  

What they do reveals connections and links between them. Their approach tries to put pieces together and gather different memories that don’t belong together, into artistic answers. Time, space and people mingle in their research. They go from very grounded life experiences to poetic fantasy answers. Their work connects real people who will never meet, real sunsets that will never illuminate other landscapes. 
In brief, they create some non-existent time-space continuums that originate from real ones.

Sylvain’s work, seeks for safe-places for himself and the viewer, where states of mind can be developped and ex-press. His pieces are meant to be visual safe-havens eliciting clarity and security.

Tiphaine has a taste of optimism in her work through colors and a general perception. Her work evokes a sense of sweet nostalgia and escapism with her colorful renderings of imagination, dreams, and memories. Her fantasy is not a fairy tale she knows reality.

Their works jointly reflect the couple's thoughtful acceptance of the world--the passing of time, human nature--and their mission to unconditionally create beauty ; "Life needs something as simple as beauty".

As a couple they create in order to beautifully mourn their future lives with a rageous sweet melancholia and slight optimism.

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If you want to read more about us, here is an interview from HYSTERIA ART MAGAZINE. 

Interview by Ilaria Bochicchio & edited by Joanie Wolkoff.



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